My name is David Wigner. I became interested in art when I was in high school, and worked primarily with watercolors. My mother influenced me while growing up, as she enjoyed creating watercolor art, and saw that I had natural ability towards drawing. So she gave me some of her materials and shared her techniques with me.
Through college at Grand Valley State, I took several art courses, but finished with a degree in philosophy. This made sense because I am a philosopher.
I also worked in a mixed media format of combining elements into my works to develop my own style, and find out what it was in me that I was trying to bring about in my art.
After college, I joined The Grand Valley Artists Association. This helped me tremendously, meeting new artists and working with some of them.
My latest passion as an artist has been creating abstract pour paintings. This format always challenges my strong sense of color, and finding balance in my work. Pour painting keeps me sane. Like life, this whole process is inspiring me all the time.
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